See a billion desperate parts conjoined and deified brilliance
Grand amphibians, submerged in slime
Emerging like blood when blunt words collide
The sun burnt his eyes, the ice sliced his feet to bits
But you ain't gotta teach it shit
'Cos the change is instinctual, the pace is unthinkable
But never put your faith in a fake individual
From the fangs and the mandibles and talons
To mannicles and batons to cannons
To mechanical contraptions, fashioned out of passion
That could turn the Earth back to a burnt black chasm
Shit happens

Atoms, bound by compassion
To fractal patterns I saw spinning
In the caverns of my mind once, it all ties up
If I could see a bright sky shine when my eyes shut

Artist ~ Jam Baxter [life in the balance]





Subdomain -
(You can join the server with our subdomain!)

[​THL - ANARCHY Revolutionized]

We use the latest in EssentialsX for our modern plugins and improved performance!

☆ Introducing chest links into the anarchy environment!

☆ The most common item will display in the front of your chest!

☆ Silk touch pickaxe will pick up chest links and automatic crafting stations!

☆ Ability to link multiple chests across the entire server to be accessed from everywhere!

☆ Filter what items you want in a chest with hoppers!

☆ Automatic crafting tables!

☆ Automatic sorting systems!

☆ Automatic smelting systems!

☆ Remotely open chests with a menu!

☆ In game party system with a UI to share your chest links & auto crafters!

☆ Deposit and withdrawal money The High Life bank!

☆ Vault - our brand new chat & economy API!

☆ Savage Graveyards- search for hidden graveyards!

☆ DAILY REWARDS - Receive an unlimited number of daily item rewards, the more days in a row you play the better your rewards!


For more information visit our About Discord!

Some may only join for a moment but they are weak.

there aint no server better

Yesssir you already know what it is

world peace can be dull at times..

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